Mehrdad & Manjit

It was such a privilege and honour being able to witness the union between Mehrdad and Manjit. They had a wildly romantic elopement overlooking the incredible landscape at Little Beach, Western Australia. It seemed the sun shone just for them, the wind was gentle and everything about their ceremony was intimate and precious. Later that evening we travelled across town where they wanted some photos taken at the Gap, an iconic tourist destination in Albany, known for its rugged coastline and ferocious waves. It seemed Manjit and Mehrdad hit the jackpot having both a bright sunny ceremony followed with stormy epic cloud cover that made for some more moody-romantic vibes. 

Manjit really wanted to incorporate some of her Indian culture into her special day by wearing a traditional Indian outfit that looked so beautiful and vibrant in contrast with the stormy lighting. We had a blast pretending they were in a Bollywood film dancing, singing and laughing. It was truly a joy getting to know these two and I wish them both many blessinsg and a long fulfilling life together!

The Jenkins Family

Luke and Gemma are absolute quality! They are down to earth, genuine and always up for a laugh. It was such a blast capturing their lovely family which includes their gorgeous little boy Bryce. They are the kind of people you may not see for a while but when you do you take off from where you last were. It's been wonderful following their journey as parents, while myself and my hubby walk our own. Parenthood isn't for the faint of heart! It can be all consuming in the good and bad, but we are so blessed to have these guys in our lives to learn, grow and reflect with. 

Their session was filled with laughter, and play. Shooting little ones can seem like you're chasing the wind, so I've found the best approach is to go with their flow. lol. Don't force them to sit still for too long, and be ready to take advantage when they do finally take a breath! We snagged an amazing time during sunset at a national park in the northern suburbs of Perth with wide open fields, and that soft warm sunlight every photographer hopes for! 

So glad to have spent time with the Jenkins family and I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed shooting them!