Who Dis?

Hey! I’m Chloe.

I’m a wife and mumma to two little ragamuffins.

I live in the beautiful coastal town of Albany, Western Australia.

Like most people I kind of fell into photography. It came into my life at a time when I was in a pretty horrible and dark place. I had just fallen pregnant with my second child, had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and had been in and out of hospital because life was taking its toll.

2017-09-09 15.54.45 1599906055130072680_184608328.jpg

One day I was randomly paroozing the local buy and sell page and noticed a friend was selling her camera. I decided to take a rest and buy it. Before I knew it I was taking portraits for friends, and friends of friends. Within a few weeks, I had multiple people encouraging me to start up my own gig in photography. I was like, oh heck no! I can barely wipe my kids bums, and put food on the table let alone start up a business form scratch! But what did I have to loose?! So with the support of my very spunky, amazing hubby I threw myself into making this photography thing a real gig.

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What began as an unassuming creative hobby turned out to be something that literally saved my life.

It made me a better mother, and wife. It gave me purpose and helped me channel my own musings, pain and joy. So in some ways it started out as a self-serving thing, but I can tell you that it has evolved into so much more than that!

2017-09-26 12.11.44 1612114988179427582_184608328.jpg

2017-08-26 10.56.11 1589608916361457204_184608328.jpg

I grew up in the arts, did my degree in Film and theatre. Creativity runs through my veins! But nothing gives me more fulfilment than serving others. Photography gave me the perfect medium to do both.

2017-10-07 11.46.45 1620074949115349543_184608328.jpg

If you knew me you would know that I am a pretty transparent and honest person, and that translates into my work as photographer, not only in the images themselves but how I interact with each client.

Connection first, images second. Relationships matter most to me in this world, life is short and time is precious, so if I can do my part to serve others, and give them hope, joy, and peace through imagery than I’ve hit the life jackpot!

I absolutely love what I do, my family is everything, but more than that, I thank God for giving me this incredible gift to bless others with!

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